My Colleagues

Once an artist, Mr know-everything
was always on the soapbox flattering,
his politically correct psychoses,
and his canvas of colourful roses.

He befriends Ms queen-bee, an old neighbour;
always in office to curry favour.
Sugar coating she can’t do anything
with her LOL theories and face bragging.

Ms Tall, reckless lady and over bold,
not worth penny, lip syncing what she’s told,
soars up to the heavens, thinks she can fly,
learning to crawl wanting to reach the sky.

The infallibility of Mr Right
with his deceitful wiles and filthy might.
Ms Bossy on the front row not once lied,
kept in office with her Jekyll and Hyde.

These are the colleagues that I hate to see:
Those who once or more dropped a dime on me.
When my feelings are hurt and tears are done,
after the storm we race towards the sun.

⟵ Lura