Seguna, Omar (2020) Pedagogical affordances and challenges of tablets: How can the Charter for 21st century literacies support tablet-mediated teaching and learning? EdD thesis, University of Sheffield.

Basic Coding in Education

Discussing key issues in education

As part of the Safer Internet Day activities in Malta, the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills organized this online debate in collaboration with the Early Years, Languages, and Humanities Programmes Directorate and the National School Support Services about Digital well-being. The Council of the European Union in its conclusions on supporting well-being in digital education (2022/C 469/04) describes digital well-being as “a feeling of physical, cognitive, social and emotional contentment that enables all individuals to engage positively in all digital learning environments including through digital education and training tools and methods, maximise their potential and self-realisation and helps them to act safely online and supports their empowerment in online environments” This online debate took place on Thursday, 22nd February, between 10 am and 11 am. During this session, several issues related to digital well-being were discussed. The panel was composed of Mr. Stephen Camilleri, Dr. Omar Seguna, Mr. Roger Tirazona, and Ms. Katinka Zahra Lehtonen.

During this session we discussed several issues related to Hate Speech and disinformation/misinformation. The session was held at the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills in Hamrun and was conducted by Dr. Omar Seguna (EO Digital Literacy). Guests include Mr. Omar Rababah, Mr. Roger Tirazona and Mr. Karl Coleiro.

Follow this online session on the role of Artificial Intelligence in transforming education! Dive deep into the current and future impacts of AI, from personalized learning to ethical considerations. This is the second part in a series of webinars about AI organised by the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills. Airing Date: Friday, 16th February Hosted by Mr. Andre Bugeja (Digital Literacy Support Teacher Secondary) and Dr. Omar Seguna (EO Digital Literacy) For more information visit: Chapters: 00:00 AI in Education – 2024 Webinar by Mr André Bugeja & Dr Omar Seguna 03:15 Agenda 04:45 Emerging AI Technologies 19:07 AI Chatbots 23:50 Prompt Engineering 24:23 – Prompt Engineering Checklist 24:40 1. Set the Scene 25:24 2. Be Specific 26:22 3. Simplify Your Language 28:33 4. Structure and Output 29:06 5. Provide Feedback 30:16 Chatbot Limitations – Refining the output may be needed 32:03 Chatbot Limitations – Data quality and availability 32:54 Chatbot Limitations – Explainability and transparency 34:24 Chatbot Limitations – Lack creativity and empathy 35:42 Chatbot Limitations – Preventing Learning 37:28 Prompt Examples for Educators 52:20 Why Teach with AI? 56:06 Teaching with AI: Example 1:03:45 Digital Literacy Website link…
“Implications of AI in Education” online session delivered on Thursday 23rd March.
Mr Andre Bugeja (Digital Literacy Support Teacher Secondary) and Dr Omar Seguna (Digital Literacy Education Officer) explored the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in education focusing on tools which are often used by local educators including Microsoft 365.